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Weaving the Red Thread recognizes Menstruality for girls, women and menstruators as a transformational life journey. Sadly, our educational, health, politics and infrastructures historically do not support Menstruality Health and Wellbeing. We are living in a time where the Menstruality Taboo is being challenged globally and Weaving offers support, education and community to nourish this reclamation. 

Co-Founders, Amanda Trieger and Sahara Contempree, are Menstruality Naturopaths and Educators who utilise science, research, traditional and holistic naturopathic knowledge to nourish health and wellbeing across the Menstruality Timeline. Weaving empowers a holistic - physical, mental, emotional, social, sexual, spiritual - framework to understand and harness the rhythms of life through the archetypal movement of The Creative Cycle. Our mission is to weave this knowledge into our everyday awareness, embedding and empowering cyclical wellbeing and self care.

Weaving is a business that honours the rhythms of The Feminine Paradigm and Cyclical Wisdom to nourish and empower your life journey. We honour the Earth, Moon, Sun, our menstruality, mothers, mentors and teachers and invite you to join the global movement to recognise, reclaim and live in alignment with your cyclical nature.

Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life
Amanda & Sahara

Menstruality Nourishment & Empowerment Offerings

Naturopathic Womancraft

Cyclical Wellbeing Illuminator

40+ Nourish the Woman/Being you are transitioning into.

Cyclical self care practices to integrate Cyclical Living into Daily Life to nourish holistic wellbeing.

Empower a different experience for your daughter through positive puberty, menarche and into menstrual cyclical living education.

Support for staff, students, parents, educational infrastructure, schools, work places and community.

Offerings to support you to know your cyclical nature to empower your creative cycle and to nourish your menstrual literacy and health.

Join us to nourish Positive Menstruality Globally.