Are you at a loss at how to talk to your daughter about puberty, body changes, emotional self care, growth mindset, periods and menstrual cyclical living?

Is your daughter curious? Is your daughter uncomfortable? 

Would you like to explore Positive Menstrual Conversations with other girls and mums in an open, fun and friendly environment?

Would you like to share time with your daughter nourishing your connection, learning self care practices together, crafting selfcare herbal medicine & exploring Menstrual Wisdom?

"Educating girls before and after their first period on menstruation, builds their confidence, 

contributes to social solidarity and encourages healthy habits." UNICEF 2018

Join us in open, simple and empowering MENSTRUAL CONVERSATIONS and fun activities. Let's NORMALISE Puberty to inspire your daughter's comfortability in her changing body and confidence to talk with you.

At Weaving the Red Thread our Mother Daughter Workshops are crafted to nourish Positive Menstrual Education, empowering girls* with menstrual positivity, body love, self-confidence, self-esteem and holistic wellbeing. 2021 saw Menstrual Health defined for the first time in history acknowledging that Menstrual Health is more than a period. 

Weaving is helping to re-establish the thread of women’s knowledge and health practices which has been broken through history - read further about HerStory.

Puberty is a hormonal journey as the body, mind and heart mature into adulthood. It is the biggest time of growth since birth, where we see our daughters blossom into womanhood over a decade. To nourish this journey Weaving has developed a body of journey to support Mothers and Daughters: Budding Weavers 8-10yrs, Blossoming Weavers 10-15yrs, Mother Daughter Menarche Celebrations, Menstrual Literacy and Cycle Charting for Teens, Mothers Puberty Support Kit and Online Menstruality Wellbeing Studio.

Why is this important? 

Many girls do not have a complete or accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process, as Practitioners we see menstrual dysfunction and disease being normalised impacting long term holistic health and wellbeing.

Our Mother Daughter Workshops EXPLORE:

Anatomy and Physiology 

Stages of Puberty - A blossoming timeline 

Hormonal biology and menstrual cycle phases

Normal vs Abnormal 

Period product options 

Daily and cyclical self care practises and routines

Naturopathic Herbal Medicine & Holistic Wisdom

Mother Daughter communication and connection

How we begin and establish our Menstrual Cycle IMPACTS our mental wellbeing, body confidence & autonomy, long-term healthy life habits & relationships.

At Weaving we are here to support you and your daughter to talk with ease and comfort as she develops and grows through puberty, menarche and cyclical living.  We have developed a body of work to support you and your daughter on this journey. They are offered digitally, in person or by request.

WHY is this important ? In About Bloody Time, a survey by the Victorian Women’s Trust 2019 girls 12-18yrs found that:

Let's change this together!

Join us to support your daughter with menstrual knowledge, confidence and empowerment. Understanding how our body and hormonal cycles work empowers cyclical self care and holistic wellbeing. 

Why isn’t school puberty education enough? 

Do you remember your school puberty education? Did it give you the confidence, knowledge and skills to support you as you transitioned through puberty and into menstrual cyclical living? 

Sadly our school education still does not embrace Positive Menstrual Education.

Students surveyed in Menstruation Matters Report 2021 stated:

Here at Weaving we facilitate open, simple and empowering MENSTRUAL CONVERSATIONS, normalising the Menstrual Cycle as a hormonal rhythm.

Weaving The Red Thread are facilitators of contemporary, evidence based and holistic Menstruality Education. Weaving supports Mothers and Daughters to understand and flow with the physical, mental, emotional and social changes of puberty and the menstrual cycle to nourish this gradual transition into womanhood. The workshops provide scientifically accurate information, breaking health myths & stigma to empower girls with menstrual positivity, body love, self confidence, self esteem and holistic wellbeing.

"Educating girls before and after their first period on menstruation, builds their confidence, contributes to social solidarity and encourages healthy habits." UNICEF 2018