❤️ We recognize Menstruality for Girls, Women and Menstruators as a transformational life journey from Menarche into Cyclical Menstrual Living to Menopause and the Mature Years. 

❤️ We encourage Role Modelling to nourish a Positive Menstruality Culture. 
We support the reclamation of cyclical living to nourish a culture of open communication, embedded with self care practices that support the unique needs, wants, vulnerabilities, energies and empowerment of the menstrual cycle and the menopausal transition


❤️ We acknowledge the Menstrual Cycle as the 5th Vital Sign of Life.
The Studio's classes and programs embed holisitic education and understanding of the hormonal cycle as the barometer for optimal wellbeing. Our aim is to support all who menstruate to achieve Menstrual Health.

❤️ We offer empowerment through Cyclical Education.
Utilising science, research, traditional and holistic naturopathic knowledge to provide a modern understanding of how the menstrual cycle creates a dynamic physical, mental, emotional, sexual and social framework. 

❤️ We embed Foundational Education for our Youth. 
Inspiring, engaging and educating our youth with a cyclical framework that allows them to transition into adulthood with optimal wellbeing and understanding the language of the Menstrual Cycle.


❤️ We honour our Teachers & the Thread of knowledge that weaves between generations.
We understand that this thread has been frayed and sometimes broken. As Naturopathic Menstruality Educators, our intention is to support the reclamation and sharing of Menstruality Wisdom and Cyclical Living.

❤️ We value Collaboration & Community. 
We value ideas over hierarchy and collaborate with other industries and businesses to provide a network of Menstrually friendly businesses to support a new cultural norm and narrative aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

❤️ We welcome all humans. 
We believe understanding each other fosters social solidarity, human rights and gender equity. 

❤️ We practice non judgement of self and others. 
We recognize that the Menstrual Taboo creates a culture of silence, shame and discomfort. Our aim is to nourish a new paradigm of Menstruality, providing a safe supportive space to grow and learn. We ask everyone to be respectful of another’s unique journey.

Weaving Menstruality Wisdom, Amanda & Sahara ❤️