Mother Daughter Workshop 8-10 yr olds

Is your daughter* curious about puberty and periods?   

Would you like to nourish a different experience for you and your daughter as she moves towards puberty and her first period (menarche)?

Would you like to share a fun interactive session with your daughter, exploring puberty and periods to cultivate confidence, interest and wonder?

"Your passion is obvious, you are really approachable and great with the girls too. K is normally so private and she came home super chatty and completely opened up in general about ‘women's business’. You certainly opened a door for her and I’m really grateful." Carol, Mother of K 

Join us in open, simple and empowering MENSTRUAL CONVERSATIONS and fun activities. Let's NORMALISE Puberty to inspire your daughter's comfortability in her changing body and confidence to talk with you.

Here at Weaving the Red Thread our Mother Daughter Workshops are crafted by Naturopathic Menstrual Educators, Amanda & Sahara. They are designed to nourish Positive Menstrual Education to empower girls with menstrual positivity, body love, self confidence, self esteem and holistic wellbeing. 

Budding Weaver's intention is to empower you and your daughter to understand cyclical rhythms and how they relate to periods and puberty with curiosity, open communication and support. The session is designed to stimulate curious conversations for the girls about their bodies as they transition into the blossoming timeline of puberty.  

The workshop will give you the opportunity for deep connection, whilst weaving modern and traditional knowledge and practices into a fun and interactive session.

This workshop is designed to connect Mum / Female Mentor and Daughters 8-10yrs through: movement, story telling, tea crafting and an interactive rhythmical mandala introducing Foundational Puberty & Positive Menstrual Education.

Investment is $150 for Mother / Daughter pair Early Bird price $120

Bookings are limited to 10 families and extra daughter tickets are available for $40. Workshops are Covid Safe and open to all to attend.

Who are these events suitable for?

Workshop for girls before menarche, their first period, aged 8-10 years with their Mother or Female Mentor.

It can be normal for your daughter to feel hesitant talking about puberty or wanting to attend a Budding Weaver's Workshop. We currently live in a culture that has embedded menstrual silence and shame as a norm. If you would like to nurture a different experience for you and your daughter this gentle workshop offers an opportunity to open up the menstrual conversation with fun, curiosity and engagement.

We have had girls in our workshops who did not want to be there and by the end of the workshop they were amongst the most engaged girls present and grateful that they had attended. Do not let your daughter's normal resistance stop you from gifting her menstrual knowledge and wisdom that is essential to her holistic health and wellbeing.

We invite you and your daughter to join us whether you are excited or hesitant or unsure.

Let's create a new norm of Positive Menstrual Education and Body Literacy together.

You will recieve:

  • Nourishment for curiosity, mother daughter bonding, communication and holistic self care.
  • Foundational Positive Menstruality Education.
  • Mother Daughter Time for bonding, communication, learning, fun, memories & inspiration for future shared experiences.
  • Bespoke Jar of Medicinal Herbal Tea - crafted by your daughter to support and nourish her wellbeing, valued at $30
  • Medicinal Tea and Nutritional Snacks inspiring food as medicine.
  • Each daughter is gifted a Budding Weavers Journal valued at $30 To encourage and support open communication in the home    
    To nourish an understanding of cyclical rhythms To cultivate charting and self awareness activities To inspire curiosity, creativity, wonder and self expression 
    To learn fun facts about growing up
  • Weaving's Empowering Menarche & Puberty Resource eBOOK for Mums and Carers valued at $40
  • An invitation into the Weaving the Red Thread community supporting Positive Menstrual Culture for Mums and Female Carers - 14 day access to Weavings Menstruality Wellbeing Studio
  • Raising Empowered Girls Presentation for Dad and the rest of the family valued at $30

    Menstruality Resources included are valued at over $100

What Mums are saying...

 "A good program to help girls understand the changes they will experience during Menarche and to impart a sense of positivity and curiosity about the Menstrual Cycle."

 Rebecca, Mother of L

"Weaving is excellent at creating the space to connect with your daughter and help create a menstrual positive culture."

 Anne-Marie, Mother of E

Meet your Facilitators

Amanda is a practitioner focused on enhancing Women's health and wellness through all transformational times of their lives.

Sahara is passionate about supporting girls, women and menstruators to know themselves through understanding Menstrual Cycle Awareness and practicing Cyclical Self Care.

Programs and Resources to SUPPORT you as Mum as you NOURISH your daughter through Puberty and Into Cyclical Living