Online Cyclical Wellbeing Studio

The Studio nourishes cyclical self care.

The Studio integrates cyclical living into daily life.

The Studio supports community, presence and love.

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The Studio’s live practices and on demand video library support women and menstruators to practice and integrate cyclical self care into their daily life, via:

❤️ On Demand Cyclical Self Care Practice Video Library - 16+ Weaving Foundational Cyclical Self Care Practices

❤️ Empowering Studio Emails

❤️ Nourishing Seasonal Emails

❤️ Live Seasonal Women's Circle

❤️ Seasonal Empowerment Card Reading

❤️ Live Solstice & Equinox - recordings available in the On Demand Cyclical SelfPractice Video Library

❤️ Live Experiences & Immersions - recordings available in the On Demand Cyclical SelfPractice Video Library

❤️ Connection to a Cyclical Community

❤️ First access to Weaving's, Amanda's and Sahara's 1:1 Consultations, Programs and Products

❤️ Bonus - 5 Holistic Community Facilitators: 24 Self Care Video Practices in the on demand Video Library, Community Shares and Special Offers

❤️ Bonus - Foundational Weaver Membership $25AUD/month only available while the Studio is in its Foundational Period. Cyclical Self Care nourishment and empowerment for the cost of a cuppa/week! Enjoy the ripple effects of cyclical self care through your personal, community and work experiences.

You are a cyclical being held within cycles within cycles that support, nourish and empower you to be present, create, love, play and rest. The Studio’s Cyclical Self Care Practices & Offerings are designed to flow with the 4 archetypal energies of creation - NOURISH, PRESENCE, SHINE, EMPOWER.

When you live in alignment and flow with the archetypal energies and rhythms that hold you, life transforms!

Start your complimentary 2 week membership today and receive support and nourishment to cultivate and integrate cyclical living. Please read below for trial and membership terms and conditions.

Start your 2 week Complimentary Membership Today

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Start your 2 week Complimentary Membership Today

Membership Terms and Conditions

As we finalise and refine the Studio we are offering a discounted membership to our Foundational Members in gratitude for your support, feedback and patience as the Studio blossoms. Please note that the Studio membership offer maybe refined or changed during the Foundational Period. Any changes that occur will be implemented to enhance the Studio flow and to meet member's needs. This Foundational Membership’s discounted monthly cost is ongoing, unless you cancel your membership. If you rejoin, your membership pricing will be at the current membership pricing at the time of rejoining.

By purchasing the membership you agree to Weaving’s:

Medical Advice Disclaimer - The information, including not limited to: videos, audios, text, graphics, images and other materials contained in the Online Menstruality Wellbeing Studio, are for informational purposes only. No material in this Studio is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment, and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have experienced, heard or read in the Studio. 

Privacy and Confidentiality - While participating in the Studio, all participants agree to respect everybody's confidentiality to ensure that this is a safe environment for all participants. Therefore, Weaving requests that you do not repeat or refer to anything anyone says or shares within the Studio Community, including on social media pictures/comments or general conversation. You are very welcome to share you own experience. 

Live Events, Experiences & Women's Circles - please note that the Studio's Lives, Experiences and Women's Circles are held only during the NSW School Terms. As mothers we honour our rhythmical family self care and nourishment, by being completely present with our children and families during the holiday periods.

Cancellation Policy - As a complimentary member it is your responsibility to cancel your free trial membership before payment begins. The membership is a monthly fee. You can cancel your membership at any time which will cancel the next billing cycle. 

Copyright Policy - All the content: videos, audios, lives, text, graphics, images, documents, downloadable files and other materials contained within the Online Menstruality Wellbeing Studio are protected under copyright law. Thank you for honouring this. 

By purchasing membership, each time you log into the Studio or access the Studio Community you are accepting and agreeing to these requirements - medical disclaimer, privacy & confidentiality, terms & conditions and copyright - as a condition of your participation. With gratitude, Weaving the Red Thread.