ThinkTank.Africa enables technology-driven companies to match themselves with appropriate professionals to select mentors and create virtual advisory boards.

It grows this network of professionals through a series of virtual networking events.

Introducing ThinkTank.Africa

The Benefits of an Optimised Advisory Board

If you’re looking for professional advice that is in line with your organization’s objectives, ThinkTank.Africa can find the right match to suit your business needs. Whether you are searching for a permanent or temporary position to fill, our top-level talent and private network of connections will ensure your business gets the support it needs. 

Imagine having your own personal board of experienced expert advisors whose goal is to help you respond to day-to-day challenges and make better business decisions.

It doesn’t have to be so lonely at the top after all!  

Board meetings and one on one sessions with like-minded progressive business owners who understand the issues you face
 Knowledge, experience, native intelligence across diverse industries
 Benefits of a traditional Board of Directors (BOD) without the cost and control pressure
 A shared sense of accountability
 Unbiased evaluation of new ideas and strategies
 Supported by seasoned business coaches & consultants

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