Early in her pole dance training Lauren was inspired most by the “Exotic Fit Style” of pole originating in Russia.  She discovered videos on YouTube of her first and major influences in the style, Olga Koda and Eva Bembo. She was in awe over the mix of exotic movements and hip hop, break dance elements the style showcased and the strength and energy the dancers possessed. She immediately knew she had found her new dance focus and was intent on taking it all in.



The style had yet to have a place in American pole studios, so Lauren began by teaching herself through these dancers’ videos and performances. Taking in their every move, analyzing and picking apart the grace, strength and agility of these talented Russian pole dancers. Her first taste of true Russian Exotic training was a 4 day weekend training with Olga Koda in Los Angeles, which solidified her passion for Russian Exotic.


She quickly immersed herself in the style, training with and dancing along side Russia’s originators of exotic, and quickly building a name for herself in the international pole world.  In 2016 she was hand selected as a finalist in Eva Bembo’s Paranoia Pole Championship, making her the first American pole dancer to compete as a professional in Russia. A major milestone in her career making her first mark in Russia as an Exotic Pole Pro, teacher, performer and judge.


Q & A


Who is your biggest influence?  My sister, and mentor Olga Koda of course. I remember, before instagram, finding just 4 videos of her on youtube, teaching master classes in Russia. It was in that moment I knew I had found someone doing something new and different, and a soul who danced and experienced music in such a similar way to me. It was as though I’d discovered a dancer who spoke the same language. I feel so blessed to have cultivated such a beautiful and genuine friendship and mentor.


Advice for students? Constantly set new and attainable goals, don’t get frustrated with the process, put in the hard work and time to patiently to get to the next level. Condition, strengthen, flow, until it feels like you don’t even have to think about it anymore… then make a new harder goal, and get ready to persist. 


Flow or Hard? Flow is beautiful and sets up the foundations for exotic fit style. I think its important to perfect your flow, moving slow and with intention, and to control your body through every inch of it. But hard… hard style has my heart. There is this don’t fuck with me, tomboy, bad bitch energy that is who I am at my core. This fire, intensity and swagger that is addicting and just fucking fun. It’s fun to break the fucking boundaries.


Favorite moves/pole tricks? Power moves, static combos, floor to pole, anything that uses strength (like deadlifting / floating into handsprings) because it”s something I never thought would be achievable with my tall, long, flexible body.


How do you prepare to create choreography? I have to start with a piece of music that matches my energy and emotion for that moment, otherwise the routine has no authenticity or rawness for me. I have to be dressed the part to bring attitude of personality to the studio, if I don’t look the part I can’t seam to make the vision I see looking back at me in the mirror fit the vibe of the music. With those two important factors, the rest comes so quickly and naturally to me. The moves just flow together with the beats of the music.


Advice to aspiring exotic choreographers? Film everything. Because when you are playing around, free styling, or fucking up… those are the moments you create new sick movement patterns and shit. If you don’t film it, you have no way of going back to discover or recreate that magic.