Booking Window: The availability to book class opens 14 days before the scheduled class start time . All spots in bookable classes are available for online reservation up until 1 hour before class start time, unless the class has been canceled.

1. REGISTER FOR CLASS THROUGH THE LIVE CASS SCHEDULE Look through the schedule. Find a class that suits your needs and be sure you meet the prerequisites. Once you have found a class you would like to book. Click the book icon associated with the class. You should see a green prompt at the bottom of the screen letting you know the class has been added. 


Log into your account. Once logged in you'll see "MY BOOKINGS" on the left side menu bar. Click IT to view which upcoming classes or past classes you've booked. From this screen, you can join the class or cancel your booking. 


From the "MY BOOKINGS" screen find the class you are ready to attend and click "JOIN." You will be taken to a new page with a countdown to the start time of class. When the class waiting room opens up, a JOIN button will appear, click it.

LATE ENTRY IS NOT ALLOWED once class has started.

CLASS CANCELLATION (by Clients/Members)

Drop-In Clients: The single class purchase option does not allow for rescheduling your existing reservation. Cancellation results in the forfeiture of the class payment. 

Class Packages /Unlimited Members: Change or cancel an existing reservation up to 2 hours prior to the start of class without penalty.


Class attendance lists are reviewed 90 mins prior to class start time. Classes that have fewer than 2 clients/members enrolled may be canceled by Kiska. In this situation ALL Drop-In Clients / Unlimited Members will have the class added back to their account for future use. Classes with regular low enrollment or recurring cancellations may be removed from the online class schedule permanently.

ALL VIRTUAL CLASSES + PRIVATES USE ZOOM. Please download the free Zoom app. (Click Here)


Microphone: Your microphone will automatically be muted when you enter the class. You may turn on your microphone to chat with other students before instruction starts. However to begin class the instructor must be the only one with a microphone on so that instruction can be clear.

Video Setup: The top right corner of your screen should say “Speaker View.” In “Speaker View” hover over the instructor’s video. Click on the three small dots and choose the option to pin the instructor to full screen mode.

Student “Video On” Policy: Our safety policy, requires ALL students to have their webcam turned ON while attending online classes. Students who fail to follow this guideline will not be allowed to participate and will be removed from the classroom. If you have any concerns, please make sure to contact the studio beforehand.

Chat: To ask questions during class, please use the chat feature instead of unmuting your microphone. Type your questions publicly or privately. Instructors will do their best to answers questions during or after class.

YOU MUST BE 18+ TO TRAIN WITH KISKA To register for class you will be prompted to create your student account, by signing up you are agreeing to our terms of service and liability waiver.

ONLY ONE STUDENT PER ENROLLMENT If you'd like to have a friend(s) come to your home/studio and attend Virtual Live Classes alongside you, each student must be registered for the class separately from their own student account.

FIND LEVELS + REQUIREMENTS IN THE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS We carefully list our prerequisites for each class level and type. When in doubt please level down and work your way up by putting in time and training consistently. We require certain moves to be safely executed to progress into higher class levels. If you fail to demonstrate safety and strength in the required moves for the class you are attending, you may be asked to leave class and level down into a better suited class level for your abilities.

TEACHERS + HIGH LEVEL STUDENTS Understand, the leveling system at KISKA is more rigorous than many other studios. When reading through the required moves for classes, we need you to be able to lift up into moves with strength and control, while wearing 7-8 inch heels. (Jumping into / dropping down into movements does not count as “having” the required move.) If you have any questions on what starting level you should be at please contact us and we can help place you.


As virtual classes do not allow instructors to be with you in person, Kiska can not ensure prevention of injury. It is up to the student to exercise caution while attending virtual classes and performing moves on their own.

Choose the appropriate class level to match your abilities and strength. Our levels are in place to work on gradually progressing students, training proper technique, skills and conditioning to be able to safely move into each new level of training.

Inform your instructor of any pre existing injuries or limitations.

Follow our Student “Video On” Policy, by keeping your webcam on throughout the entirety of class. This ensures your instructor can provide adequate coaching and assistance.

Listen to the instructor. When they give you a lower level progression, modification or direct you to avoid a specific movement they are doing so to keep you safe and help you gain the skills needed to eventually perform more difficult progressions.

Do not wear oil based lotion. Lotion can make you, the floor and the pole slippery, providing unsafe training conditions. If you are unsure about your lotion, skip it.

Wear knee pads for all Russian Exotic + Plastic classes. Please take this extra precaution to avoid long term injury to your knees and help avoid bursitis.

Remember bare skin grips the pole. Wearing too much clothing while learning new moves can be challenging and dangerous. Always choose safety. Function over fashion.

Absolutely NO INTOXICATION will be tolerated. Students who disregard this policy may be banned from classes.

Kiska will not be held responsible for injuries sustained during virtual classes/services. We reserve the right to refuse service and remove any students from class who are not practicing safety. Please take all necessary precautions to stay safe.


As a Russian Exotic focused studio, the majority of our classes are taught in 7-8 inch platform pole heels, or as we say in Russia “strips.” Strips are as important of a tool to the Russian Exotic dancer as the pole itself. The platform sole of your strips provide protection, support, slide and maneuvering through specific tricks, transitions and floor work.

As a general rule, you should always come to class prepared with knee pads, 7-8 inch platform heels, grip aid, and clothing that allows for ample skin grip on the pole.

Find reccomendations for proper class attire in the class descriptions. If you do not own a pair of "strips" we highly recommend purchasing a pair of 8" heels. Checkn the online store for purchasing options.

In this time of social networking and online everything, we do allow use of photography and video recording to track your progress, upload to your social media account, and to review as personal reference material. We do ask you to get permission from the instructor before filming them, or recording during a class. Setting up a camera to film the entirety of a class or warmup is not permitted

Booking: Please fill out a "Private Lesson Request" or "Studio Rental Request" form. We will attempt to fit you into the schedule as quickly as possible.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice is required to reschedule Private Lessons. Please notify the studio via email at:

Lessons cancelled after the 24 hour window will result in forfeiture of the appointment.