Glenn Tetley 25 lbs. Lost!

Glenn Tetley

“I feel better, look better, and that spills over into everything else I do “


Lifestyle Transformation

 Healthy Lifestyle Fit Business Professional
I started hiking in 2011 and really enjoyed it but found that it wasn’t enough. It was only working my legs and I felt imbalanced. After meeting with Karla, she customized a complete body workout and nutritional training program just for me. Since starting in July 2011, I have lost over twenty pounds, lowered my body fat percentage, and have more energy. One of the most important things I’ve learned from Karla is about nutrition. I thought I was eating healthy before but again, was very imbalanced. Now I can quickly decide what I need to eat and the best way to get it.
The “side effects” of training are pretty amazing too. I’ve worked out with several members of her Team and everyone has been a tremendous help. All of the clients are there to work, but we make it fun at the same time. I feel better, look better, and that spills over into everything else I do. I highly recommend the training!

Details Age: 56,

Weight Lost: 25 lbs,

Improve strength, energy