Chase your goals by joining an Insecure Fitness Jumpstart Challenge, 4 full weeks of mental and physical transformation that will help you redefine the way you approach Health & Fitness.

In #JSChallenges, we focus on strength training which targets the major muscle groups while encouraging fat loss and calorie burning. What you can expect from these programs (Phase 1 and Phase 2) is conditioning of your body to expect more while building resistance. You will feel much stronger, burn calories efficiently, decrease abdominal fat and be leaner!

These challenges focus on endurance and proper form (improper form targets unintended muscles or muscles groups). We will be switching up the exercises in intervals with higher/lower repetitions. With our custom macro calculator, weekly seminars and coach focused Q&A's, this challenge is perfect for ALL levels of fitness.

Now, let me put you on to the secret sauce. The secret is in the way you show up for yourself! The thing with insecurities is, it's (almost) never about other people. They can be fueled or enhanced by society's outlook but they usually grow from that seed of self-doubt. If you have a goal(s), and you're constantly doubting yourself or your abilities, your body will feel it. We do not start perfect. The more you work on something, the more it gets better.

#JSChallengePhase2 starts on Monday, July 4th. Sign ups are open now!

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