Concussion Workshop

Lisa Khera
Pilates & Meditation inst..
  • Sat May 14, 2022
  • 01:00 PM (90 mins)
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Join us for this workshop where you will learn ways to be productive and positive through post-concussion healing with movement and meditation.

Lisa Khera has over 22 years of experience teaching Pilates, movement, and meditation. 

During this workshop you will learn tools to apply to your daily life to help with pacing, decreasing symptoms, and using movement to calm the mind and body. 

A guide with class replays, guided meditations, and other helpful tools will be provided. You will also get the workshop replay for you to have lifetime access and all the support you will need to start a daily movement and meditation plan for your body. 

We will offer various dates for this workshop, check back here for availability. 

Resources: sharing this tv segment where Lisa shares her top tips on how to feel productive and positive through healing. 

Click here to watch the show.