Experts focused on helping you and your team discover the intricacies of financial psychology

Here is our group of experts who are focused on creating value for you and your team. 

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Financial Therapy Trailblazer

Investment & Market Expert

Practice Management and Career Consultant

Corporate & Compliance Counsel

Client Communication Expert

Chief Connection & Engagement Officer

Financial Futurist

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Thought Leader

Practical, Peaceful, Planning Practitioner

Behavioral Change Coach

Financial Planning Pioneer, Futurist, Humorist

Relationship & Communication Master

Financial Empowerment Coach

Business Consultant & Corporate Coach

Leadership & Vision Expert

Financial Behavior & Risk Expert

Financial Change Agent

FinTech Executive & Customer Experience Professional

Financial Empathy & Compassion Specialist

Financial Behavior Storyteller

Evidence-Based Practitioner

Your Financial Therapist

Academic Visionary and Coach

Neuroeconomics, Behavioral Fintech & Analytics

Human and Financial Capital Strategist

Business Strategist and Executive Wrangler

Client Motivation & Change Specialist

Global Financial Wellness & Fintech Expert

Human Focused Financial Expert