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I love working out with Cat! She provides a positive and energetic virtual environment that makes me feel like I am in class with her. She is engaging and always comes to class with a smile and ready to workout hard. Without these virtual workouts I would’ve probably gained weight, but instead I am in the best shape of my life in my 40’s! From the strength I have built from Piyo to the definition I now have in my arms from her HIIT classes...I look forward to every workout whether it’s live with Cat or on replay later on. My ultimate favorite class is Turbo Kick, the feeling you get is like no other. The amount of calories burned doesn’t even compare to the amount of fun in this class...and that’s saying a lot. Working out with Cat on a weekly basis is my stress reliever and HAPPY PLACE! Thank you for all that you do, you have truly changed my life forever.

Cat has been such a savior during this pandemic. I’ve known her since 2008 and have loved her and her fabulous classes since then. I choose to workout with Cat because she’s genuinely caring and so great at all that she does. In her Booty, Core and More class, I love how she explains everything we are doing. That class has really made my core stronger. It looks like it would be an easy class but it’s hard because of the preciseness of the movements. My favorite class is PiYo. I love how Cat guides us in this workout to not only make me more stronger but also more flexible. Without these classes, I don’t know how I could’ve stayed sane during this time. I always feel so good and accomplished after working out with Cat. I also enjoy when her husband and kids workout with her too. Even though her workouts can be tough, I'm always smiling at some point. I love Cat and am so thankful for her!

Cat and her workouts have been a bright spot in the darkness that is the pandemic. Cat's energy and positive demeanor are contagious, and I look forward to the workouts every week. I am incredibly grateful that Cat curates a mix of various workouts (strength, cardio, HIIT, stretching, etc.) which she then makes available for replay for those who can't join live; it's evident she really cares about her viewers and is dedicated to motivating people of all fitness levels to engage in any physical activity that feels good.  I really can't say enough positive words about Cat and her workouts--I would recommend them to everyone!

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