Profit Plus Academy

Get started and get confident with Profit First in your business.
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Take the first step toward a different future for your business.

Profit First is life-changing. But getting started can be intimidating.

Whether you've read the book or just heard about Profit First from a trusted friend or a resource, we're excited that you're taking the next step in learning more. You're at the start of something big!

You don't have to do it alone.

We know that engaging one-on-one with a Profit First Professional can be a pricey commitment.

Perhaps you have tried it and had to walk away because you're just not quite ready for that in your business.

Maybe you even feel like you know your business very well, but not how to run a business.

We know you might be feeling embarrassed or worried.

Maybe you've been thinking about it for so long, but you just haven't taken that step. 

Whatever your reason is, we understand.

And that's why we created Profit Academy Plus -  just for people like you. 

We welcome you to find out how Profit Academy Plus can help you make Profit First work for you and for your business.

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What you'll get out of our courses

Finally get started with the changes you've been envisioning for your business
Feel confident in what you're doing,  to fill the gaps in your knowledge base
Gain the ability to go forward and successfully implement Profit First for your business
Learn strategies to alleviate your cash flow issues
Figure out how to start paying yourself while still growing your business
Work toward the ability to bring a Profit First Professional right into your business to help you one-on-one-- if you need it.

Is Profit Plus Academy for you?