How We Scaled Using Andrew’s Online Growth Course!

By Florian Ughetto, Founder of

Hey there, I’m a serial Entrepreneur from France, and I first saw Andrew speak at an event in Dubai in 2019. After hearing Andrew teach for 2 hours to a packed house of nearly 300 entrepreneurs I immediately purchased his Online Growth Hacking course because unlike other Marketers, he teaches real strategies that you can actually use right away. I learned so much from his in-person talk that I knew the course would be a great value. At the time I only needed the course for one of my businesses, but in the past year I’ve been using his strategies and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Period.

All of my startups are bootstrapped so learning cutting edge growth strategies, from an expert who’s experience stretches to Silicon Valley was vital to us. We’ve always needed to scale without using big budgets, and that’s exactly what Andrew teaches. How to grow, without spending money. Nothing could be more important to an early-stage startup.

Andrew’s course has tons of video lessons, and a corresponding workbook that has templates and cheat sheets, and has become the basis for how we grow our various ventures of the company, especially for Easy Wedding Georgia – a wedding planning startup, helping people all over the GCC to get married in Georgia. 

I’ve also personally really loved all the various tool recommendations Andrew gives in the course. It would have taken us a lifetime to find all of these free tools, from SEO tools to Social Media hacking tools, his recommendations saved us tons of time and money.

We actually insist that every new teammember start with us, by reviewing Andrew’s course. It’s that good.

It’s important not only to us as a company, but also to each person we share it with individually as it helps to kick start or improve their knowledge of Digital Marketing.

Over time it became sort of a motto: Want to work with us? Study this first. 

The course is advanced, practical, and easy to implement. The homework tasks are super helpful so it’s important to pay attention to them before moving to the next part. Practice does make it perfect after all. 

Andrew’s experience and sharp vision of the digital part of the business helped us change and improve our projects.

Bottom line, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the AndrewStartups growth hacking course and we recommend it to any bootstrapped startup founder who needs to scale using PR, Podcast Outreach, SEO,  Social Media, Online Giveaways and more $0 growth strategies. 

About the AndrewStartups Growth Course: Is your startup boostrapped and needs to scale? Well you’re in the right place. Over the past decade I’ve mastered the art of early-stage startup growth and I’m teaching startup founders how to scale organically via 10 different channels in my Online Growth Program, Bootstrapped! Enroll now to get instant access to 45 HD video lessons, a 60-page workbook and direct access to me so I can teach you how to scale without needing big budgets.

Get a free sample lesson here.

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