Qi Gong is only the first step in my journey to health and wellness

After that, I added various techniques to further my development, focusing on Body and mind connection.

•          Reiki level 1

•          EFT practitioner

•          TRE practitioner

After my Qi Gong class, I noticed students, sometimes, choose to confide in me on some very personal issues and I wanted to be able to better handle those situations.

I enrolled in the international coaching certification.

I have used coaching several times in my personal and professional life:

•          Expatriation through different countries

•          My battles with the education system for my kids (both struggled with Dyslexia)

•          The changes in my career path

•          Opening my own company

•          My divorce after 30 years

I experienced first-hand the actual benefits of those sessions.

A life coach is like a mirror that helps remove bias and opens up the mind to new possibilities.

Through your coach, you broaden your perspective and see that what you took as truth may not be, and there are other ways of thinking/being/doing.

A coach will help you to see solutions and new ways of being that you never considered possible by yourself.

Of course, you can try to figure things out on your own but working with a coach expedites your results.

It helps to get you where you want to go faster because you have a dedicated person whose job is to help you move past old behaviour/thinking/habits and toward your goals.

You don’t want to look back and feel it was just okay or that you survived. You want to look back and feel proud of yourself for giving it all you had, making the most of all opportunities.